T5M Air Mouse Micphone

T5M Air Mouse Micphone

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Multifunction Remote Controller T5

Air-Mouse+IR Remote+Keyboard+IR Learning

This is Air-mouse with keyboard product,has completely functions of the traditional mouse.The space using function can help you are fully free out of your PC,TV.If you wave it in the air,it can be soonest to be transferred into the moving of the cursor on the pc screen.By using the perfect function combination of 3D and gyroscope,you can handle in 360 angle freely.

--IR Learning Power to turn ON/OFF the TV : (operate vedio)

Non-directional remote controll;

Anti-shake algorithm Air-mouse;

support Motion Sense Games;



Standard Keyboard layout;

IR remote;

IR Learning function;

IR Copy function;

Technology Spec:

2.4G RF wireeless radio frequency techniquie;

Sensors: 6-Axis(Gyroscope +Accelerometer);

Operating range: >10m

Battery: Build-in lithium batteries

Rated Current: 15mA

Standby Current: <20μA

Rated Voltage: 3.0V

Key numbers: 68 keys

Material: ABS+Silicone


Windows,Android,Mac OS,Linux;

Devices:PC, Smart TV, Set-top-box, Android TV Box,Mac,Mini PC

weight:98g(with box)






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